50th Antigua Charter Yacht Show
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Date: 25th July, 2012

Charter Yacht Agents ........ why not stay in Antigua on Saturday 8th December 2012 and be invited on a Micro charter. Make your flight reservations accordingly and do not miss this great adventure that will give you a great sales tool when speaking to your clients!!
After five frantic days of viewing and networking, why not sweep the Charter Agents off their weary feet and invite them aboard to experience the glamour and luxury of chartering first hand? Head out into the beckoning Caribbean Sea, launch the watersport equipment and let your crew show their skills in taking guest out for the experience of a life time on a world class charter yacht.
The show organizers have three different itineraries for you to choose from and we will help with rendezvous taxi transportation as follows:
  • Option One: Green Island. Boats leave the dock by 8:00am, cruise to Green Island and prepare for Charter Agents arrival at 10:00am. Agents will be picked up by taxi in English Harbour, transported to Harmony Hall then picked up by tender. Agents spend the day onboard and cruise back to English or Falmouth Harbour. Yachts with Agents are asked to be back on the dock by 5:00pm and will get priority docking.
  • Option Two: Five Island and Hermitage Bay. Charter Agents board yachts at the marinas at 9:30am, depart 10:00am and cruise to Five Islands and Hermitage Bay. Agents spend a day onboard, picked up at 4:30pm from Jolly Harbour and driven back to English Harbour by taxi. Yachts can then return to English Harbour or Falmouth Harbour when they wish, but should not get in the way of yachts returning with Agents at 5:00pm from Green Island or Carlisle Bay.
  • Option Three: Sail to Carlisle Bay. For sailing yachts. Pick up Charter Agents from the marinas at 9:30am. Broad reach out of English or Falmouth Harbour for about a hour and reach back into Carlisle Bay. This is some of the best blue water sailing in the world. Agents spend the day onboard, set sail back up to English or Falmouth Harbour at 3:30pm. Return by 5:00pm at the dock. Yachts with Agents onboard will get priority docking

Our Antiguan coast line offers safe, exhilarating sailing and breathtaking scenery. Enjoy pristine white sandy beaches, dramatic rock formations, crystal clear water over coral reefs and romantic off shore islands. You will see abundant wildlife and on a clear day you can see Guadeloupe, Montserrat , Rodanda and Nevis. Chartering in Antigua - it's the real thing!



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