A 2019 Bigger & Better Welcome Party!

 A 2019 Bigger & Better Welcome Party!


A 2019 Bigger & Better Welcome Party!

DEC 5th, 2019 


 NOW 7PM – 11PM

The Antigua Charter Yacht Meeting (ACYM) has partnered with Yachting Partners International (YPI) to extend the ACYM Welcome Party to 11:00 pm, with band 1761!

Enjoy the cocktail hour from 7:00 pm dressed in your best tropical attire.

From 8:00 pm a light buffet supper under the stars with local entertainment. Get your fill and brace yourself for an extended night of dancing when the big band, 1761, hits the stage!

ACYM would also like to acknowledge our Sponsors BWA Yachting and Kennedy’s Club, who have also contributed to the infused event adding some exciting thrills from around the bar and at the entrance.

“This is going to be an amazing night!”

Once again, we are grateful to our new Welcome Party Partners YPI for providing us with some extra hours to party, it will be a great welcome for our Brokers, Marine Vendors, Captains and Crew! We hope everyone has a fantastic experience at the 58th Annual Antigua Charter Yacht Show.

It’s time to light up the sky and dance the night away to some rhythmic beats!